Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance Kicks Off 2011 Clean, Green Campaign PDF Print E-mail

Arlington, VA – September 30, 2011 – While it may still feel like late summer outside, Americans will soon be reaching for the thermostats inside their homes to keep their families warm and comfortable this winter. The Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance Section (VFGPAS) of the Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is again launching a multimedia fall/winter campaign to educate consumers about the energy savings, comfort and security benefits of vent-free gas appliances.

Tracking data conservatively indicates that the 2010 campaign reached more than 42 million people – roughly 1 in 7 Americans – through radio, print and online communication, and the 2011 campaign is designed to significantly build on that impact.

"It is so important that our industry provide this outreach to consumers in support of the many dedicated distributors and dealers of vent-free gas appliances," said Sue Walker, chairwoman of the VFGPAS.

To help communicate the core product messages, the group will soon be releasing new polling information about consumers' expectations of their 2011 home heating costs, measures they will consider to reduce their energy bills and concerns they have about their existing heating systems. The campaign will also feature a series of radio interviews, building on the highly successful radio tour from the 2010 heating season.

Consumers who visit the website will soon find several new videos highlighting the safety of vent-free gas products, and the many unique benefits of wall heaters and fireplaces. Members of the VFGPAS will also provide materials for retailers to explain to consumers the many clean, green qualifications of vent-free appliances.

"As the cold winter months approach, we think it's a great time to remind consumers about the many benefits of installing vent-free gas appliances in their homes," said Walker. "Our products are extremely efficient and economical to buy and use, helping consumers save energy and money month after month and season after season. Additionally, vent-free appliances are fueled with natural gas or propane – two of the cleanest fuels available."

Vent-free gas heating appliances such as fireplaces, logs, stoves, inserts and wall heaters – are modern and cost-effective. Because they require no chimney or vent, a vent-free gas product is less expensive, much faster and convenient to install than other types of heating systems. And since they don't operate on electricity, they will continue to provide a reliable heat source when power outages might otherwise leave homeowners cold.

In addition to saving money and energy, vent-free gas products have a remarkable safety record. These products have been available to consumers for more than 30 years, with more than 20 million units sold.

Learn more about vent-free gas appliances at and join the millions of Americans each year who save money and reduce their energy consumption by installing a clean, green vent-free gas system.