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remote.gifArlington VA. – July, 2004 –One of the today’s most sought-after home amenities is a working fireplace. But many homes have no fireplace, some have a fireplace that doesn’t work, and some have wood burning fireplaces that work fine but are considered just too much trouble to use.

Now many home remodelers believe they have found a practical and economical answer – the vent-free gas fireplace. The defining benefit of a vent-free gas product is that there’s no need for venting, a hole-in-the-wall, or a chimney – only access to a natural gas or propane supply line. That means the homeowner can affordably install an irresistible and captivating hearth just about any place he or she wants in the home.

New Ways Remodelers are Using Vent-Free Appliances

outdoor.gifAs more and more vent-free gas products find their way into America’s households, new trends are emerging in the way consumers include vent-free products in their home remodeling projects. For example, increasing numbers of homeowners are now using vent-free gas logs in masonry and wood burning UL 127 certified fireboxes. Because vent-free products do not require a flue, chimney, or vent, their installation is an especially cost-effective home improvement.

Remote controls can now be hung on the wall. Virtually all vent-free products come with optional remote controls; all remotes can be hand held and some can be wall mounted. Today, many homeowners are looking for a solution to “remotitis,” that is, the proliferation of remote controls cluttering up the room. With remotes for the TV, VCR, DVD, satellite unit, and other appliances, some homeowners feel that the last thing they need is another hand held remote control to get buried or lost. Consumers are increasingly solving this problem for the vent-free gas heating appliance’s remote by mounting it on a wall where the temperature can be preset and the unit controlled quickly and easily.

Vent-free goes outdoors! Yet another remodeling trend is the installation of vent-free gas fireplaces outdoors. Homeowners are taking advantage of the extremely efficient heating of these vent-free fireplaces to cozy up their backyard decks and patios and even city terraces and rooftops. Outdoor fireplaces extend the use of decks and pools during seasonal changes. Many outdoor vent-free fireplaces feature full firebox openings and stainless steel construction, and they all add a stylish and comforting touch that turns that outdoor spot into a beautiful retreat. Southwestern Chimaneas are available as well as contemporary models.

A Vent-Free Appliance for Every Home Décor

Especially attractive to homeowners is that vent-free products come in an enormous selection of styles, sizes, and colors to suit any home décor. Gas logs are available in a wide variety of styles in woods, including driftwood, oak, weathered oak, maple, pine, aspen, birch, and many others. The homeowner can select a wood that’s appropriate to his or her region. There’s also a choice of log types, such as split oak and solid pieces of wood, as well as glowing embers. This year, homeowners seeking something a little different can even install an amazingly realistic set of coals in a gas-fired coal basket.

As of April 1, 2004,Massachusetts joined 48 other states in approving the sale of vent-free supplementary gas heating products. The Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention approved the sale of vent-free products after a lengthy, extremely rigorous analysis of the safety and use of vent-free appliances. Now homeowners nearly anywhere in the country can enjoy the entrancing beauty, exceptional convenience, money savings, and emergency heating advantages of a vent-free appliance.

Every vent-free gas product sold in the U.S. is equipped with a precision-engineered Oxygen Detection Safety-Pilot (ODS), which automatically shuts off the gas supply if the oxygen level in the room approaches a defined minimum set by the National Product Safety Standard Z21.11.2. This safety standard requires the product to satisfy many construction and performance requirements. Over the 24 years since the introduction of the ODS in 1980, vent-free gas products have accumulated an outstanding safety record.

For a free copy of the newly updated Consumer Guide to Vent-Free Gas Products, please contact the Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance at 2107 Wilson Blvd., Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22201; or email to mcarson@gamanet.org. Copies are also available on the website at http://www.ventfree.org. Consumers can find out where to purchase a vent-free appliance in their area by visiting the website http://www.ventfree.org, clicking on Vent-Free Alliance Members, then checking Alliance members’ websites for the locations of dealers.