IAPMO Adopts the use of vent-free gas appliances PDF Print E-mail

On Wednesday, September 28, 2005 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the IAPMO membership voted affirmatively on comments submitted by the Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance to accept the use of unvented gas appliances.

Sue Walker, chairman of the Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance and GAMA’s Vent-Free Gas Products Division acknowledge the work of the IAPMO leadership and members of the Alliance to achieving this action. Don Denton, chairman of the GAMA Technical Committee also serves as a voting member on the IAPMO Uniform Mechanical Code Technical Committee. Denton said that this vote has come about because of the education strategy that the Alliance has implemented. Members of the Alliance have attended 16 IAPMO Chapter meetings located throughout the western states. The purpose of these educational sessions was to instruct IAPMO members on the technology and safe use of vent-free gas appliances.

Alliance members who traveled the country over a two-month period were Ken Belding, Empire Comfort Systems, Jack Fahey, CFM Specialty Products, Jeff Guy, Rinnai USA, Dan Quick and Sue Walker of DESA International, Don Kaufman of Lennox Hearth Products and Mary Carson, program director of the Alliance.

Under the leadership of Sue Walker, the Alliance was successful in negotiating acceptable language in the UMC Code to give IAPMO members a level of confidence in accepting the use of unvented appliances. With this IAPMO acceptance vote, all codes in the U.S. now accept the use of unvented equipment.

All municipalities that are using the UMC code must adopt the 2006 Code prior to it going into effect. As each jurisdiction adopts the 2006 Code, consumers will be able to have the option of selecting an energy efficient vent-free supplemental gas-heating product.