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1.gif Tens of millions of units have been installed in the U.S. since 1980.
2.gif Outstanding safety record per Consumer Product Safety Commission data.
3.gif 49 states permit installation — with California being the only state that does not allow vent-free use.
4.gif National Fuel Gas Code/NFPA 54 ANSI Z223.1 permitted use since 1980. UMC accepted vent-free appliances as of January 2006. All major building and mechanical codes, including the ICC-IMC, allow the use of Vent-Free gas appliances.
5.gif Air volume requirements for combustion identical to vented products per NFPA 54.
6.gif Scientific IAQ Research confirms that products perform well below recognized IAQ guidelines.
7.gif Required ODS/Oxygen Detection Safety- Pilot equivalent to electric circuit breaker.
8.gif Safety features include automatic gas valve, internal regulator, precision burners, and piezo-igniter.
9.gif 100% compliance of U.S. products listed to ANSI Z21.11.2 standard since 1980. Fixed installation plumbed to fuel supply enhances safety.
10.gif All manufacturers recommend use as supplemental heat except during power outage. Homes equipped with a vent-free unit are allowed to use these units as auxiliary heat during emergency situations.